In 2005, my family and I moved to The Netherlands. Excited by the opportunity to live overseas and re-invent myself in a new place, I made the move with a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism. Only months later did I realize the full impact of the move and this new opportunity on my work. Overwhelmed by a new culture, language and a daily schedule which was fragmented and non-conducive to working, I did very little creatively my first year in The Netherlands. This lost time was spent drifting, searching and waiting for something to speak to me. 

I have always been drawn to abandoned, derelict or unwanted places. I believe these places have stories to tell which lie just beneath the surface, just out of reach and hidden by panes of broken glass, layers of peeling paint and rust, scattered debris or years of neglect. 

The inspiration for this body of work came from the discovery of a derelict greenhouse near our new home in Voorschoten. Like the farms and barns I worked in growing up in the Midwest, this greenhouse had a sense of history, place and integrity in spite of its outward condition. I have since located and photographed other abandoned greenhouses in Katwijk and Valkenburg, but the greenhouse in Voorschoten remains a special place to me. This body of work is comprised of photographic images and mixed media works incorporating found objects, colors, textures and materials from the site and documents a rapidly changing Dutch landscape. In some ways this work is a time capsule, recording a portion of the history of the area and my emotional state at the time.  

I found beauty in this once productive, now discarded and forgotten greenhouse and in many ways, I found myself again.

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